The acid dissociation constants of the following acids are given as under:

Compound Ka CICH2COOH 136 × 10–5 139 × 10–5 8.9 × 10–5 2.96 × 10–5 CH3CHCH2COOH 1.52 × 10–5 From this data, the following observations can be made. Mark the correct statements for above mentioned compounds.

(i) The above variation in acidities of the above acids are due to inductive effect only.

(ii) The above variation are both due to inductive and resonance effects.

(iii) Inductive effect varies sharply with distance.

(iv) –I effect of chlorine is not much.

(1) i and ii

(2) i and iii

(3) ii and iii

(4) iii and iv

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