NEET Practice Questions - Physics - Wave Optics

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    Wave Optics

Young's double slit experiment is first performed in air and then in a medium other than air. It is found that 8th bright fringe in the medium lies where 5th dark fringe lies in air. The refractive index of the medium is nearly 


(b) 1.59 

(c) 1.69

(d) 1.78 


Two polarids P1 and P2 are placed with their axis perpendicular to each other. Unpolarised light Io is incident on P1. A third polaroid P3 is kept in between P1 and P2 such that its axis makes an angle 45° with that of P1. The intensity of transmitted light through P2


(b) Io4

(c) Io8

(d) Io16


The interference pattern is obtained with two coherent light sources of intensity ratio n. In the interference pattern, the ratio Imax-IminImax+Imin will be

(a) nn+1             (b) 2nn+1

(c) nn+12         (d) 2nn+12