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    Mathematical Tools

Six vector a through f have the directions indicated in the figure.Which of the following statements may be true?

(a) b+c=-f                        (b) d+c=f

(c) d+e=f                        (d) b+e=f


In the given figure


(A)  Angle between A and B is 110°

(B)  Angle between C and D is 60°

(C)  Angle between B and C is 110°

(D)  Angle between B and C is 70°

A force of 6 kg and another of 8 kg can be applied together to produce the effect of a single force of -

(A)  1 N

(B)  11 N

(C)  15 N

(D)  20 N

Which of the sets given below may represent the magnitude of resultant of three vectors adding to zero?

(A)  2, 4, 8

(B)  4, 8, 16

(C)  1, 2, 1

(D)  0.5, 1, 2

A blind person after walking 10 steps in one direction, each of length 80 cm, turns randomly to the left or to the right by 90°. After walking a total of 40 steps the maximum possible displacement of the person from his starting position could be -

(A)  320 m

(B)  32 m

(C)  16/2 m

(D)  162 m

The resultant of two vectors A and B is perpendicular to the vector A and its magnitude is equal to half the magnitude of vector B. The angle between A and B is -


(A)  120°

(B)  150°

(C)  135°

(D)  None of these