NEET 2020-2021

NEET 2020 2021 Syllabus

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Chapter Name Subject Class
1. Reaction Mechanism - Organic Chemistry Chemistry 11th Class
2. Differentiations & Conversions - Organic Chemistry Chemistry 11th Class
3. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Chemistry 11th Class
4. Structure of Atom Chemistry 11th Class
5. The s-Block Elements Chemistry 11th Class
6. Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry Chemistry 11th Class
7. Hydrogen Chemistry 11th Class
8. Classification of Elements and Periodicity Chemistry 11th Class
9. The p-Block Elements (XI) Chemistry 11th Class
10. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Chemistry 12th Class
11. Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles And Techniques Chemistry 11th Class
12. States of Matter Chemistry 11th Class
13. Hydrocarbons Chemistry 11th Class
14. Thermodynamics Chemistry 11th Class
15. Environmental Chemistry Chemistry 11th Class
16. Equilibrium Chemistry 11th Class
17. Redox Reactions Chemistry 11th Class
18. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Chemistry 12th Class
19. Chemical Kinetics Chemistry 12th Class
20. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Chemistry 12th Class
21. Surface Chemistry Chemistry 12th Class
22. Amines Chemistry 12th Class
23. Biomolecules Chemistry 12th Class
24. The p-Block Elements (XII) Chemistry 12th Class
25. Polymers Chemistry 12th Class
26. The d and f Block Elements Chemistry 12th Class
27. Chemistry in Everyday Life Chemistry 12th Class
28. The Solid State Chemistry 12th Class
29. Coordination Compounds Chemistry 12th Class
30. Solutions Chemistry 12th class
31. Electrochemistry Chemistry 12th Class
32. Alcohols,Phenols and Ethers Chemistry 12th Class
33. Work,Energy and Power Physics 11th Class
34. Motion in A Plane Physics 11th Class
35. Thermal Properties of Matter Physics 11th Class
36. Laws of Motion Physics 11th Class
37. Thermodynamics Physics 11th Class
38. Kinetic Theory of Gases Physics 11th Class
39. Oscillations Physics 11th Class
40. Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion Physics 11th Class
41. Waves Physics 11th Class
42. Units and Measurement Physics 11th Class
43. Mathematical Tools Physics 11th Class
44. Mechanical Properties of Solids Physics 11th Class
45. Mechanical Properties of Fluids Physics 11th Class
46. Gravitation Physics 11th Class
47. Motion in A Straight Line Physics 11th Class
48. Moving Charges and Magnetism Physics 12th Class
49. Atoms Physics 12th Class
50. Magnetism and Matter Physics 12th Class
51. Nuclei Physics 12th Class
52. Electromagnetic Induction Physics 12th Class
53. Semiconductor Electronics Physics 12th Class
54. Alternating Current Physics 12th Class
55. Communication Systems Physics 12th Class
56. Electromagnetic Waves Physics 12th Class
57. Electric Charges and Fields Physics 12th Class
58. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Physics 12th Class
59. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Physics 12th Class
60. Wave Optics Physics 12th Class
61. Current Electricity Physics 12th Class
62. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Physics 12th Class
63. The Living World Botany 11th Class
64. Biological Classification Botany 11th Class
65. Plant Kingdom Botany 11th Class
66. Morphology of Flowering Plants Botany 11th Class
67. Anatomy of Flowering Plants Botany 11th Class
68. Cell - The Unit of Life Botany 11th Class
69. Cell Cycle and Cell Division Botany 11th Class
70. Transport in Plants Botany 11th Class
71. Mineral Nutrition Botany 11th Class
72. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Botany 11th Class
73. Plant Growth and Development Botany 11th Class
74. Respiration in Plants Botany 11th Class
75. Reproduction in Organisms Botany 11th Class
76. Organisms and Populations Botany 12th Class
77. Ecosystem Botany 12th Class
78. Biodiversity and Conservation Botany 12th Class
79. Environmental Issues Botany 12th Class
80. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Botany 12th Class
81. Principles of Inheritance and Variation Botany 12th Class
82. Microbes in Human Welfare Botany 12th Class
83. Molecular Basis of Inheritance Botany 12th Class
84. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Botany 12th Class
85. Biomolecules Zoology 11th Class
86. Excretory Products and their Elimination Zoology 11th Class
87. Locomotion and Movement Zoology 11th Class
88. Neural Control and Coordination Zoology 11th Class
89. Animal Kingdom Zoology 11th Class
90. Chemical Coordination and Integration Zoology 11th Class
91. Structural Organisation in Animals Zoology 11th Class
92. Digestion and Absorption Zoology 11th Class
93. Breathing and Exchange of Gases Zoology 11th Class
94. Human Reproduction Zoology 12th Class
95. Evolution Zoology 12th Class
96. Human Health and Disease Zoology 12th Class
97. Reproductive Health Zoology 12th Class


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