NEET Practice Questions - Chemistry - Polymers

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The monomer of the polymer

 is :-


(b) CH32C=CCH32

(c) CH3CH=CH·CH3

(d) CH3CH=CH2

Which can absorb over 90% of its own mass of water and does not stick to wound ?

(a) Rayon

(b) Gun cotton

(c) Thiokol

(d) Saran

Thermoplastics are:

(a) linear polymers

(b) soften or melt on heating 

(c) molten polymer can be moulded in desired shape

(d) all of the above

-NHCH26NHCOCH24CO-n is a [2006](a) copolymer(b) additional polymer(c) thermo-setting polymer(d) homopolymer


Which of the following natural products is not a polymer ?

(a) DNA

(b) Cellulose

(c) ATP

(d) Urease

Synthetic human hair wings are made from a copolymer of vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile and is called:

(a) PVC

(b) polyacrylonitrile

(c) cellulose

(d) dynel

Nylon-66 is a polyamide obtained by the reaction of

(a) COOH(CH2)4COOH + H2NC6H4NH2 - (p)

(b) COOH(CH2)4COOH + NH2(CH2)6NH2 

(c) COOH(CH2)4COOH + NH2(CH2)4NH2 

(d) COOHC6H4COOH - (p) + NH2(CH2)6NH2

Which one is protein fibre ?

(a) Cotton

(b) Rayon

(c) Silk

(d) Polyster

Bakelite is prepared by the reaction between

(a) urea and formaldehyde

(b) ethylene glycol

(c) phenol and formaldehyde

(d) tetramethylene glycol

Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and

(a) benzoic acid

(b) phthalic acid

(c) salicylic acid

(d) terephthalic acid