NEET Practice Questions - Botany - Environmental Issues

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    Environmental Issues

Photochemical smog does not contain :

(1) Ozone

(2) NOx

(3) PAN

(4) Carbon monoxide

Identify the incorrectly matched pair with respect to contamination of water
1. Minamata disease: Mercury
2. Blue baby syndrome: excessive nitrates
3. Black foot disease: excessive arsenic
4. Dental caries: excessive fluoride

Which award given to individuals or communities from rural areas that have shown extraordinary courage and dedication in protecting wildlife?
1. Venu Menon Animal Allies Award
2. Amrita Devi Bishnoi Award
3. David Shepherd Wildlife Award
4. The Pledge Award

Slash and burn agriculture leads to nutrient depleted soils and deforestation if:-

1. crash crops are implanted rather than cereals

2. it is practiced in a sufficiently larger area

3. some useful trees are retained by the farmers

4. sufficient time is not allowed to the land to recover

The Montreal Protocol was signed in 1987 to:

1. prevent deforestation around the world
2. control the emission of ozone depleting substances
3. control the green house gases
4. prevent hazards from radioactive nuclear wastes

UV rays are highly injurious to living organisms as:

1. they are a part of invisible electromagnetic spectrum
2. they cannot be stopped by atmospheric gases
3. they are preferentially absorbed by DNA and proteins
4. they cause dissociation of atmospheric oxygen

CFC have a continuing effect on ozone layer as:-

1. the Cl atoms formed by them only act as catalysts in reactions causing degradation of ozone

2. the Cl atoms formed by them are used up in reactions causing degradation of ozone

3. they are being produced in increasing amounts all over the world

4. they are efficiently absorbed by the atmospheric water vapors

The normal greenhouse effect is necessary for survival of life on Earth as it has raised the temperature of Earth’s surface by:-

1. -18° C

2. 15° C

3. 33° C

4. 50° C

The correct descending order of the relative contribution of various greenhouse gases to total global warming is:
1. carbon dioxide; methane; nitrous oxide; CFCs
2. carbon dioxide; CFs; methane; nitrous oxide
3. carbon dioxide; CFs; nitrous oxide; methane
4. carbon dioxide; methane; CFSs; nitrous oxide

The Three Mile island is famous as:
1. it hosted the Kyoto protocol
2. it was the site of a large oil spil
3. it was a site of nuclear accident
4. it hosted the Earth summit