NEET Practice Questions - Chemistry - Surface Chemistry

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    Surface Chemistry

Which acts as inhibitor for knocking in combustion of petrol?

(a) (C2H5)4Pb                     (b) Ni(CO)4

(c) both (a) and (b)              (d) none of these

Which does not show Tyndall effect?

(a) Emulsion



(d)sugar solution

Among the following surfactant molecules, the surfactant that forms micelles in aqueous solution at the lower CMC at ambient condition is:

(a) CH3CH215N+CH33Br-

(b) CH3CH211OSO3-Na+

(c) CH3CH26COO-Na+

(d) CH3CH211N+CH33Br-

Butter is a colloid form in which:

(a) fat is dispersed in solid casein

(b) fat globules are dispersed in water

(c) water is dispersed in fat

(d) suspension of casein is in water

The cotterells precipitator is used to :

(a) neutralize charge on carbon particles in air in smoke

(b) coagulate carbon atoms of smoke

(c) bring in cataphoresis in carbon particles

(d) all of the above

Foam is a colloidal solution of:

(a) gaseous particles dispersed in gas                (c) solid particles dispersed in a liquid

(b) gaseous particles dispersed in a liquid           (d) solid particles dispersed in gas

A liquid aerosol is a colloidal system of:

(a)a liquid dispersed in a solid

(b)a liquid dispersed in a gas

(c)a gas dispersed in a liquid

(d) a solid dispersed in a gas

Negative catalyst or inhibitor is one:

(a) which retards the rate of reaction

(b) takes the reaction in forward direction

(c) promotes the side reaction

(d) none of the above

Alum helps in purifying water by:

(a) forming Si complex with clay particles

(b) sulphate part which combines with the dirt and removes it

(c) aluminium which coagulates the mud particles

(d) making mud water soluble

Which of the following does not form anionic micelle?

(a) C12H25COONa                    (b) C12H25SO4Na

(c) C12H25SO3Na                     (d) C12H25(NH3)3Cl