NEET Practice Questions - Botany - Mineral Nutrition

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    Mineral Nutrition

Consider the following:

I Facilitation of uptake and utilization of calcium by plants
II. Cell elongation and cell differentiation
III. Nitrogen metabolism
IV. Carbohydrate translocation
V. Water splitting reaction in photosynthesis

The functions of Boron in plants will include:

1. I,II, III, IV

2. I, II, IV

3. II, III, IV

4. I, III, V

Which of the following is an activator for both ribulose biphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase and phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase?
1. Zinc
2. Magnesium
3. Manganese
4. Molybdenum

Identify a micronutrient for plants amongst the following:
1. Potassium
2. Phosphorus
3. Iron
4. Sulfur

Which element is required by the plants for uptake and utilization of calcium and carbohydrate translocation ?

1. Manganese
2. Boron
3. Chlorine
4. Selenium

During nitrogen fixation, nitrite is oxidized to nitrate with the help of the bacterium:

1. Nitrosomanas
2. Pseudomonas
3. Nitrobacter
4. Thiobacillus


Nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots of non-leguminous plants like Alnus are produced by
1. Rhizobium
2. Beijernickia
3. Azotobacter
4. Frankia

For each molecule of ammonia produced by nitrogenase, the number of ATP molecules required are:
1. 4
2. 8
3. 12
4. 16

The deficiency symptoms of iron, magnesium and calcium in plants may actually be due to the toxicity of
1. Potassium
2. Manganese
3. Iron
4. Chlorine

The criteria for essentiality of an element for a plant include all except:
1. It must be absolutely necessary for supporting normal growth and reproduction
2. The requirement must be specific and not replaceable by another element
3. It must be directly involved in the metabolism of the plant.
4. They must be present in the plants in a concentration in excess of 10 mmole/Kg of dry matter.

Identify the incorrectly matched pair

    Mineral                     Functions in plants

1. Potassium                 Opening and closing of stomata, Activation of enzymes

2 Magnesium                 Maintenance of ribosome structure, Structure of chlorophyll

3 Boron                         Pollen germination, Carbohydrate translocation

4 Molybdenum               Water splitting in photosynthesis, Nitrogen metabolism