NEET Practice Questions - Chemistry - Amines

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An organic compound A on reduction gives compound B which on reaction with chloroform and potassium hydroxide forms C. The compound C on catalytic reduction gives N-methylaniline. The compound A is                                                                                            

(a) nitrobenzene

(b) nitromethane

(c) methylamine

(d) aniline

Acetamide and ethyl amine can be distinguished by reacting with             

(a) aq. HCl and heat

(b) aq. NaOH and heat

(c) acidified KMnO4

(d) bromine water

Which of the following compound gives dye test

(1) Aniline                (2) Methylamine                  (3) Diphenylamine                  (4)Ethylamine


CH3CH2ClNaCNXNi/H2YAcetic anhydrideZ

In the above reaction sequence, Z is                                  


(b) CH3CH2CH2NH2



In the reaction, 

CH3CN +2H SnCl2HClXBoiling H2O  Y ,

the term Y is

(a) acetone

(b) ethanamine

(c) acetaldehyde

(d) dimethyl amine

Predict the product,                               


Aniline in a set of reactions yielded a product                                                   

The structure of the product D would be

(a) C6H5CH2NH2




Intermediates formed during the reaction of RCONH2 with Br2 and KOH are                                

(a) RCONHBr and RNCO

(b) RNHCOBr and RNCO

(c) RNHBr and RCONHBr

(d) RCONBr2

In a reaction of aniline a colored product C was obtained.

Indicate which nitrogen compound amongst the following would undergo Hoffmann reaction?        

(a) RCONHCH3                (b) RCOONH4

(c) RCONH2                    (d) RCONHOH