NEET Practice Questions - Chemistry - Coordination Compounds

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    Coordination Compounds

In which of the following coordination entities the magnitude of 0(CFSE in octahedral field)will be maximum?

(a) [Co(H2O)6]3+

(b) [Co(NH3)6]3+

(c) [Co(CN)6]3-

(d) [Co(C2O4)3]3-

Fe2(CO)9 is diamagnetic.Which of the following reasons is correct?

(a) Presence of one CO as bridge group

(b) Presence of monodentate ligand

(c) Metal-metal(Fe-Fe) bond in molecule

(d) Resonance hybridization of CO

From the stability constant (hypothetical  values)given below, predict which is the strongest ligand?

(a) Cu2++4NH3[Cu(NH3)4]2+;(k=4.5x1011)

(b) Cu2++4CN[Cu(CN)4]2-;(K=2.0x1027)

(c) Cu2++2en[Cu(en)2]2+;(K=3.0x1015)

(d) Cu2++4H2O[Cu(H2O)4]2+;(K=9.5x108)

Which does not obey EAN rule?

(a) [Cu(NH3)4]2+

(b) [Zn(OH)4]2-

(c) [HgI4]2-

(d) Fe(CO)5

The coordination number and oxidation state of Cr in K3[Cr(C2O4)3] are respectively

(a) 3 and +3

(b) 3 and 0

(c) 6 and +3

(d) 4 and +2

Which one of the following octahedral complexes will not show geometrical isomerism?(A and B are monodentate ligands)

(a) [MA4B2]

(b) [MA5B]

(c) [MA2B4]

(d) [MA3B3]

According to IUPAC nomenclature sodium nitroprusside is named as

(a) sodium pentacyanonitrosyl ferrate(II)

(b) sodium pentacyanonitrosyl ferrate(III)

(c) sodium nitroferricyanide

(d) sodium nitroferrocyanide

Amoung the following which is not the π-bonded organomettalic compound?

(a) K[PtCl3(η2-C2H4)]

(b) Fe(η5-C2H5)2

(c) Cr(η6-C6H6)2

(d) (CH3)4Sn

IUPAC name of [Pt(NH3)3 (Br)(NO2)Cl]Cl is

(a) triamminebromochloronitroplatinum(IV)Chloride

(b) triamminebromonitrocholoroplatinum(IV)Chloride

(c) triamminechlorobromonitroplatinum(IV)Chloride


The equation which is balanced and represents the correct product(s) is:

(a) Li2O +2KCl2LiCl+K2O

(b) [CoCl(NH3)5]++5H+Co2++5NH4++Cl-

(c) [Mg(H2O)6]2+ +(EDTA)4-Excess NaOH[Mg(EDTA)]2++6H2O

(d) CuSO4+4KCNK2[Cu(CN)4+K2SO4