NEET Practice Questions - Chemistry - Biomolecules

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Phspholipids are esters of glycerol with

(a) one carboxylic acid residue and two phosphate groups

(b) three phosphate groups

(c) three carboxylic acid residues

(d) two carboxylic acid residues and one phosphate groups

Which one of the following gives positive Fehling's solution test ?

(a) Sucrose

(b) Glucose

(c) Fats

(d) Protein

Which of the following is the sweetest sugar ?

(a) Sucrose

(b) Glucose

(c) Fructose

(d) Maltose

Which one of the following sets of monosaccharides forms sucrose ?

(a) a-D-galactopyranose and a-D-glucopyranose

(b) a-D-glucopyranose and b-D-fructofuranose

(c) b-D-glucopyranose and a-D-fructofuranose

(d) b-D-glucopyranose and b-D-fructofuranose

a-D-(+)-glucose and b-D-(+)-glucose are

(a) anomers

(b) epimers

(c) enantiomers

(d) geometrical isomers

The couplings between base units of DNA is through

(a) hydrogen bonding

(b) electrostatic bonding

(c) covalent bonding

(d) van der waal's forces

The segment of DNA which acts as the instrumental manual for the synthesis of the protein is 

(a) nucleotide

(b) ribose

(c) gene

(d) nucleoside

Which of the following structures represents the peptide chain ?

Which of the following does not exihibit the phenomena of mutarotation?

(a) (+) Sucrose

(b) (+) Lactose

(c) (+) Maltose

(d) (-) Fructose

RNA and DNA are chiral molecules, their chirality is due to

(a) L-sugar component

(b) chiral bases

(c) chiral phosphate ester units

(d) D-sugar-component