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A tertiary alcohol H upon acid catalysed dehydration gives a product I. Ozonolysis of I leads to compounds J & K. Compound J upon reaction with KOH gives benzyl alcohol and a compound L, whereas K on reaction with KOH gives only M.

(i) Compound H is formed by the reaction of: 

(ii) The structure of compound I is:

(iii) The structures of compounds J,K and L respectively are:

(a) PhCOCH3, PhCH2COCH3 and PhCH2COO-K+

(b) PhCHO, PhCH2CHO and PhCOO-K+

(c) PhCOCH3, PhCH2CHO and CH3COO-K+

(d) PhCHO, PhCOCH3 and PhCOO-K+