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A form of asexual reproduction related to parthenogenesis is gynogenesis. Here, offspring are produced by the same mechanism as in parthenogenesis, but with the requirement that the egg merely be stimulated by the presence of sperm in order to develop.

Some salamanders of the genus Ambystoma are gynogenetic and appear to have been so for over a million years.

Hybridogenesis is a mode of reproduction of hybrids. Hybridogenetic hybrids (for example AB genome), usually females, during gametogenesis exclude one of parental genomes (A) and produce gametes with unrecombined genome of second parental species (B), instead of containing mixed recombined parental genomes.

This form of reproduction is seen in some live-bearing fish of the genus Poeciliopsis as well as in some of the Pelophylax spp. ("green frogs" or "waterfrogs").

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