NEET Practice Questions - Botany - Biodiversity and Conservation

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    Biodiversity and Conservation

Nandan-Kanan zoo is known for 

(1) Hippo

(2) Nilgiri Tahr

(3) White Tiger

(4) Whale


The most important cause of loss of biodiversity today is:

1. habitat loss and fragmentation

2. over-exploitation

3. alien species invasions

4. co-extinctions

The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro in:
1. 1987
2. 1990
3. 1992
4. 2002

When a threatened plant needs urgent measures to save it from extinction, the desirable approach is
1. in-situ conservation
2. ex-situ conservation
3. cryopreservation
4. biopreservation

The most important cause of the loss of biodiversity today is the :
1. Habitat loss and fragmentation
2. Over exploitation
3. Alien species invasion
4. Co-extinctions

Introduction of Lates niloticus led to the extinction of 

1. Gambusia

2. Pupfish

3. Cichild fish

4. Chinook salmon

Loss of biodiversity may lead to all except:
1. decline in plant production
2. increased resistance to environmental perturbance
3. increased variability in water use
4. increased variability in pest and disease cycle

Which of the following is not a reason that accounts for greater biodiversity of tropics?

1. availability of more solar energy
2. more niche specialization
3. more time for species diversification
4. large seasonal variations in environmental factors

The greatest biodiversity on the earth is found in
1. African grasslands
2. Amazonian rain forest in South America
3. Western Ghats in India
4. Nile delta in Egypt

Biodiversity loss is now one of the world's most pressing crises. The primary reason for this is:
1. we cannot do anything about it
2. we are not responsible for this loss
3. we still do not know its entire extent
4. it is affecting only the developing countries