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The third name in trinomial nomenclature is

(1) Species

(2) Subgenus

(3) Subspecies

(4) Ecotype

In five kingdom classification, which single kingdom contains blue-green algae, nitrogen fixing bacteria and methanogenic archaebacteria

(1) Monera

(2) Protista

(3) Plantae

(4) Fungi

The suffix-phyta indicates

(1) Family

(2) Order

(3) Class

(4) Division

Two or more species occupying same or overlapping areas are

(1) Sympatric

(2) Sibling

(3) Subspecies

(4) Allopatric

An attribute found in plants but not animals is

(1) Metabolism

(2) Sexual reproduction

(3) Autotrophy

(4) Asexual reproduction

In five-kingdom classification, unicellular green algae are included in the kingdom

(1) Metaphyta

(2) Protista

(3) Monera

(4) Metazoa

Which of the following is less general in chracters as compared to genus

(1) Species

(2) Family

(3) Class

(4) Division

The Living World questions are over , now starting Biological Classification questions

During Grams' staining which is incorrect?

(1) All bacteria take crystal violet stain

(2) Gram +ve bacteria take crystal violet stain

(3) Only Gram –ve bacteria take crystal violet stain

(4) Gram –ve bacteria lose this stain after alcohol



Fungi usually store the reserve food material in the form of

(1) Starch 

(2) Glycogen and oil

(3) Lipid

(4) Protein

Biological Classification questions are over , now starting Cell - The unit of Life questions

Hammerling's experiments on Acetabularia involved exchanging

(1) Cytoplasm

(2) Nucleus

(3) Rhizoid and stalk

(4) Gametes