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Find electric field due to a uniformly charged, long and thin rod

[This question is only for Dropper and XII batch]

1. kλr

2. kλ2r

3. 2kλr

4. kλ4r

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Concept Questions :-

To find electric field, we enclose the distribution in a Gaussian cylinder of radius r and length l.

The flux linked with the cylinder

E.dA= CurvedE.dA + FlatE.dA =E.(2πrl)cos0°+2EdA cos90°φtotal=E×2πrlBy Gauss law φ=qencε0=λ×lε0                  [where λ is linear charge density]E×2πrl=λ×lε0E=λ2πε0r

Variation of E with r is also shown graphically here            

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