NEET Physics Nuclei Questions Solved

Hydrogen (H), deuterium (D), singly ionized helium and doubly ionized lithium all have one electron around the nucleus. Consider n =2 to n = 1 transition. The wavelengths of emitted radiations are λ1,λ2,λ3 and λ4 respectively. Then approximately 
(a) λ1=λ2=4λ3=9λ4                             (b) 4λ1=2λ2=2λ3=λ4
(c) λ1=2λ2=22λ3=32λ4                 (d) λ1=λ2=2λ3=32λ4

(a) Using EZ2 a                  ( n1 and n2 are same)

hcλZ2λZ2= constant



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