NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved

Which is correct order of basic strength

(A) OCl->ClO2->ClO3->ClO4-

(B) ClO4->ClO3->ClO2->ClO-

(C) ClO3->ClO4->ClO2->ClO-

(D) None of these

Increase in acid strength indicated decrease in basic strength of the conjugate base. Thus for HOCl<HOCl2 <HOCl3 <HOCl4 , the base strength of anion follows the order OCl->ClO2->ClO3->ClO4-. The addition of oxygen atom provides a large volume so that charge of the anion is easily accomodated.A large uninegative ion attracts and holds a proton less strongly than a small uninegative ion.

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