NEET Chemistry The Solid State Questions Solved

Which is amorphous solids-

(A) Rubber                                       

(B) Plastic

(C) Glass                                         

(D) All

Concept Videos :-

#0 | Introduction to Solid State
#1 | Introduction to Unit Cell
#2 | Types of Unit Cell
#3 | Simple Cubic Unit Cell: Rank (z)
#6 | Body Centred Cubic (BCC) Unit Cell
#8 | Face Centred Cubic (FCC) Unit Cell
#12 | Hexagonal Close Packing Arrangement
#13 | Cubic Close Packing Arrangement
#14 | Layer Arrangement in FCC
#25 | Ionic Structure of Rock Salt

Concept Questions :-

Introduction and Type of Crystal System

(D). Amorphous solids neither have ordered arrangement (i.e. no definite shape) nor have sharp melting point like cyrstals, but when heated, they become soft until they assume the properties usually related to liquid. It is therefore they are regarded as super cooled liquids.

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