NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved

The reaction of iodomethane with sodium ethoxide proceeds as : EtO+MeIEtOMe+ I

A plot of log MeIEtOon the Y-axis against 't' on the X-axis gives a straight line with a positive slope. What is the order of the reaction ?

(A) Second                                                

(B) First

(C) Third                                                   

(D) Fractional

(A) For a second order reaction, dxdt=Ka-xb-x

where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the initial concentrations of the reactants. On integration we get,

K=2.303t(a-b)logba-xab-xKta-b2.303=loga-xb-x-logabA plot of log a-xb-x vs time, t would give a straight

line with a positive slope= Ka-b2.303

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