NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved

Point out the incorrect statement among the following :

(A) The oxidation state of oxygen is +2 in OF2.

(B) Acidic character follows the order H2O < H2S < H2Se < H2Te.

(C) The tendency to form multiple bonds increases in moving down the group from sulphur to tellurium (towards C and N)

(D) Sulphur has a strong tendency to catenate while oxygen shows this tendency to a limited extent.

Multiple bonds formation tendency with carbon and nitrogen decreases from sulphur to tellurium.

CS2 (S=C=S) is moderately stable,

CSe2 (Se=C=Se) decomposes readily whereas,

CTe(Te=C=Te) does not exist

Difficulty Level:

  • 8%
  • 12%
  • 65%
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