NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved

A catalyst lowers the activation energy of a reaction from 20 kJ mole1 to 10 kJ mole1. The temperature at which the uncatalysed reaction will have the same rate as that of the catalysed at 27°C is

(A) 123°C                                                                 


(C) 327°C                                                                   

(D) + 23°C

(A) A                 2B      +           CP                       0                       0           P-x                2x                      x

At equilibrium

180=P-x+2x+x180=90+2x2x=90, x=45K=2.303tlog PP-x=2.30310log9090-45=2.303tlog2=0.639210=0.6932=0.639210=1.1555×10-3sec-1

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