NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

What mass of hydrogen peroxide is present in 2 litre solution of 4M strength ? Calculate the volume of oxygen at S.T.P. liberated upon complete decomposition of 400 cm3 of the above solution.

(A) 172g, 0.92 L                                   

(B) 272g, 1.32 L

(C) 272g, 17.92 L                                 

(D) 172g, 15.14 L

C.   Mol of H2O2 in 2L of H2O2 solution =VL×M=2×4=8 mols           Mass of H2O2 present=8×GMM=8×34=272 g          Mol of H2O2 in 400 cm3 of solution=400×10-3×4=1.6 mol          2H2O2 2H2O+ O2            2 mol                   22.4 L at STP         2 mol of H2O2 gives O2=22.4 L at STP         1.6 mol of H2O2 gives O2=22.4×1.62=17.92 L

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