NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

A certain sample of hydrogen peroxide is 1.5M solution. It is to be labelled as X volumes. Calculate the value of X.

(A) 16.8 L                             

(B) 11.8 L

(C) 5.3 L                               

(D) 6.2 L

A.   Molarity=Mass of solutionMol. mass×VL

or Mass of H2O2 per litre=1.5×34=51 g.

2H2O2  2H2O+O2   68 g                     22.4L

51 g of H2O2 gives O2 at STP=22.4×5168=16.8

Thus, 1L of H2O2 which contains 51 g of H2O2 produce O2 at STP=16.8 L.

Hence, value of X is =16.8 L

or The given sample is 16.8 volume H2O2.

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