NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

When a substance A reacts with water, it produces a combustible gas B and a solution of substances C in water. When another substance D reacts with this solution of C, it produces the same gas B on warming but D can produce gas B on reaction with dilute sulphuric acid at room temperature. A imparts a deep golden yellow colour to a smokeless flame of bunsen burner. A, B, C and D respectively are

(A) Na, H2, NaOH, Zn                              

(B) K, H2, KOH, Al

(C) Ca, H2, CaOH2, Sn                           

(D) CaC2, C2H2, CaOH2, Fe

A.      2Na+2H2OH2+2NaOH               A                      B            C      and  Zn+2NaOHNa2ZnO2+H2               D           C                              B

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