NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

Commercially H2O2 is now prepared by –

(A) Action of H2SO4 on barium peroxide

(B) Action of H2SO4 on sodium peroxide

(C) Electrolysis of H2SO4

(D) By burning hydrogen in excess of oxygen

(C). Commercially H2O2 is prepared by electrolysis of 50% sulphuric acid.


Hydrogen peroxide is prepared by the electrolysis of 30% to 50%  ice-cold H2SO4. When acidified sulfate solution is electrolyzed at high current density, peroxodisulphate is obtained. Peroxodisulphate is then hydrolyzed to get hydrogen peroxide.

2HSO4(aq) [Electrolysis] → HO3SOOSO3H(aq) [Hydrolysis] → 2HSO4(aq)+2H+(aq)+H2O2(aq)

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