NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved

For the irreversible unimolecular type reaction A kproducts in a batch reactor, 80% reactant A(CA0 = 1 mole/lit.)is converted in a 480 second run and conversion is 90% after 18 minute. The order of this reaction is-

(A) 1                                                       

(B) 2

(C) 1/2                                                   

(D) 3/2

(B) Let the reaction is of 1st order


from 1st data, K=2.30318×60log100100-80=3.35×10-32nd data K=2.30318×60log100100-80=2.132×10-3

Hence it is not of 1st order Now try for 2nd order.

K=1t1A-1A0from 1st data, K =148011×20100-11=8.33×10-32nd data, K=118×6011×90100-11=8.33×10-3

Since data is following 2nd order kinetics reaction is 2nd order.

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