NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved

The rate of a reaction increases 4-fold when when concentration of reactant is incresed 16 times. If the rate of reaction is 4×10-6 mole L-1S-1mole L-1when concentration of the reactant is 4×10-4, the rate constant of the reaction will be

(A) 2×10-4mole1/2L-1/2S-1                            

(B) 1×10-2S-1

(C) 2×10-4mole-1/2L-1/2S-1                         

(D) 25 mole-1 L min-1                             

(A) Rate Concenttration , Rate=kConcenttrationk=rateconcen1/2=4×10-64×10-41/2=4×10-62×10-2=2×10-2 mole1/2L-1/2S-1

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