NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved

The elementary reaction A+Bproducts has k=2×10-5 M-1 S-1 at a temperature of 27°C. Several experimental runs are carried out using stoichiometric proporation. The reaction has a temperature coefficent value of 2.0. At what temperature should the reaction be carried out if inspite of halving the concentrations, the rate of reaction is desired to be 50% higher than a previous run.

(Given ln6ln2=2.585)

(A) 47°C                                           

(B) 53°C

(C) 57°C                                           

(D) 37°C

(B). r2=k2A21B21                for a certain runr1=k1A11B11                for a previous rundividing we get,r2r1=  k2k1 A2A1 B2B1

Substituting the given information

1.5=2t2-2710×12×126=2t2-2710t2-2710 ln 2=ln 6t2-2710=ln 6ln 2t2-2710=2.585t2=52.85°C ~53oC

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