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A solution containing one mole per litre each of Cu(NO3)2, AgNO3, Hg2(NO3)2 and Mg(NO3)2 is being electrolysed by using inert electrodes. The values of standard electrode potentials in volt (reduction potentials) are,

Ag|Ag+ = 0.80,2Hg|Hg22+ = 0.79,

Cu|Cu2+ = +0.34 and Mg|Mg2+ =-2.37

With increasing voltage, the sequency of deposition of metals on the cathode wil be:

(a) Ag, Hg, Cu, Mg

(b) Mg, Cu, Hg, Ag

(c) Ag, Hg, Cu

(d) Cu, Hg, Ag