Which of the following statements is false?

(A) H3PO2, H3PO3 and H3PO4  all are tribasic and reducing in nature.

(B) Amongst anions NO3-, SO32-, CO32- and BO33- only SO32-  have pπ-π d bonding.

(C)  Amongst anions  SO32-, SO42-, S2O42- and HSO4-, SO32- is basic and reducing in nature.

(D) Number of lone pair(s) of electrons on X3 atoms in XeF2, XeF4 and XeF6 are 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

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Oxyacids of Phosphorus/Nitrogen

(A) (A) 


(C) SO32- contains one lone pair of electrons on sulphur atom.


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