Select the correct statement about elements of group 15th.

(A) The order of stability of oxidation state for +3 is Bi3+>Sb3+>As3+ and for +5 is Bi5+<Sb5+<As5+

(B) In the case of nitrogen, all oxidation states from +1 to +4 tend to disproportionate in acid solution.

(C) There is considerable increase in covalent radius from N to P but from As to Bi only a small increase in covalent radius is observed.

(D) All of these.

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(D) (A) This is due to the inert pair effect in the heavier p-block elements.

      (B) 3HNO2HNO3+H2O+2NO

      (C) This is due to the presence of completely filled d and l or f orbitals in heavier elements.                    Covalent radius l pm; N =70, P =110, As =120, Bi =150.

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