NEET Chemistry The s-Block Elements Questions Solved

Which is not correctly matched?

(1) Basic strength of oxides                                 Cs2O<Rb2O<K2O<Na2O<LiO2

(2) Stability of peroxides                                      Na2O <K2O2<Rb2O2<Cs2O2

(3) Stability of bicarbonate                                   LiHCO3<NaHCO3<KHCO3<RbHCO3<Cs HCO3

(4) Melting Point                                                  NaF<NaCl<NaBr<Nal


(A) 1 and 4                                           

(B) 1 and 3

(C) 1 and 2                                           

(D) 2 and 3


     Basic strength of the oxides increases in the order Li2O<Na2O<K2O<Rb2O<Cs2O. The increase

     in basic strength is due to the decrease in I.E. and increase in electropositive character. The melting

     points of the halides decrease in order NaF>NaCl>NaBr>Nal, as the size of the halide ion

     increases. The decrease in melting point is due to increase the covalent character with increase in the

     size of anion according to Fazan's rule.

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