NEET Chemistry The s-Block Elements Questions Solved

Which of the following statements is true for all the alkali metals?

(A) Their nitrate decomposes on heating to give the corresponding nitrites and oxygen.

(B) Their chlorides are deliquescent and crystallize as hydrates.

(C) They react with water to form hydroxide and hydrogen.

(D) They really react with halogens to form ionic halides. M+X-.


    (A) 4LiNO3             2Li2O+4NO2+O2

          2NaNO3          2NaNO2+O2 (similar decomposition with the nitrates of K, Rb, and Cs)

    (B) Only LiCl is deliquescent and crystallises as a hydrate LiCl.2H2O

    (C) 2M+2H2O             2M++2OH-+H2 (M=an alkali metal)

    (D) Halides of Li are covalent in nature.

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