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Energy levels A, B, C of a certain atom corresponding to increasing values of energy i.e. EA<EB<EC. If λ1, λ2, λ3 are the wavelengths of radiations corresponding to the transitions C to B, B to A and C to A respectively, which of the following statements is correct

(a) λ3=λ1+λ2                      (b) λ3=λ1λ2λ1+λ2
(c) λ1+λ2+λ3=0                 (d) λ32=λ12+λ22

(b) Let the energy in A, B and C state be EAEB and EC, then from the figure

Ec-EB+EB-EA=EC-EA or hcλ1+hcλ2=hcλ3λ3=λ1λ2λ1+λ2

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