NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

Hydrogen peroxide is now generally prepared on industrial scale by the:

(a) action of H2SO4 on barium peroxide

(b) action of H2SO4 on sodium paraoxide

(c) electrolysis of 50% H2SO4

(d) burning hydrogen in excess of oxygen

(c) Industrial preparation of H2O2:

    (A) By the electrolysis of 50% H2SO4 : 50% H2SO4 solution is electrolysed at 0°C between Pt electrodes. The perdisulphuric acid is formed.                               H2SO4H+ + HSO4-     at Anode;       2HSO4-H2S2O8 + 2e     at cathode; 2H++2e H2     The obtained perdisulphuric acid gives H2O2 on hydrolysis.              H2S2O8 + 2H2O H2O2 + 2H2SO4      This H2O2 is separated by distillation at reduced pressure and thus, 30% solution of H2O2 is obtained.(B) By the auto-oxidation of 2-ehtyle-anthraquinol(Modern Method): Anthraquinol, in a mixture of benzene and n-heptanol on treatement with air gives H2O2 and 2-ethyl-anthroquinone. This 2-ethyl-anthraquinone on hydrogenation gives 2-ethyl-anthraquinol in presence of Pd catalyst.

It is a cyclic process and in it only H2 is consumed, 2 -ethyl-anthraquinone is reobtained during reaction.

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