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Internal energy and pressure of a gas per unit volume are related as                       

(a) p= 23E                         (b) p = 32E

(c) p=12E                          (d) p = 2E

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#7 | Molecular Speeds & Kinetic Theory of Gases

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Kinetic Theory of Gas

(a) The average translational kinetic energy of a gas molecule is 12mu2 at a temperature T. The total energy of the whole of the gas containing N molecules is

                                 Ek12mNu2                      ....(i)

The kinetic gas equation is

                                    pV = 13mNu2                 .... (ii)

                                    pV = 2/3 x 1/2 mNu2  

                                    pV =  23Ek

                                    p = 23Ek per unit volume

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