Define the following terms :                           (3 marks)

(i) Glycosidic linkage                        (ii) Invert sugar                       (iii) Oligosaccharides

 (i) Glycosidic linkage : The two monosaccharide units are joined together through an ethernal or

      oxide linkage formed by loss of a molecule of water. Such a linkage between two monosaccha-

      ride units through oxygen atoms is called glycosidic linkage.


(ii) Invert sugar : An equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose obtained by hydrolysis of

      sucrose in presence of an acid such as dil. HCl or the enzyme invertase or sucrase is called

      invert sugar.


(iii) Oligosaccharides : Those carbohydrates which on hydrolysis give 2-10 molecules of mono-

       saccharides are called oligoasaccharides.

       Example : sucrose, maltose.

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