NEET Zoology Biomolecules Questions Solved


Answer the following questions :                                 (2 marks)

(i) Why are vitamin A and vitamin C essential for us ?

(ii) What is the difference between a nucleoside and a nucleotide ?

(i) Because deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin C causes night blindness and scurvy respectively.



Nucleoside : A nucleoside contains only two basic components of nucleic acids i.e. a pentose sugar and a nitrogenous base. During their formation 1-position of the pyrimidine or 9-position of the purine moitey is linked to C1 of the sugar (ribose or deoxyribose) by a β-linkage.




Nucleotides : A nucleotide contains all the three basic components of nucleic acids, i.e. a phosphoric acid group, a pentose sugar and a nitrogenous base. These are formed by esterification of C5' -OH of the sugar of the nucleoside with phosphoric acid.


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