NEET Zoology Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions Solved


How does Agrobacterium tumifaciens act as a suitable vector in the biotechnological experiments? Site an example where it has been successfully used as a vector                                  3 mark

Agrobacterium tumifaciens is a soil bacterium which causes a diaseas in many dicot plants. It is able to deliver a piece of DNA known as T-DNA, to transform the normal cells into tumor cells and direct these tumor cells to produce the chemicals required by the pathogen.

The tumour inducing plasmid of agrobacterium tumifaciens has now been modified into a closing vector. It is no more pathogenic to the plants but still deliver genes of interest into a variety of plants.

Example:Agrobacterium vector is used to transfer nematode specific gene in the host plant (Tobacco) to develop nematode resistant plant.

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