Write the importance of species diversity to the Ecosystem. Support your answer with the finding of Tilman.

Species diversity provides stability to the ecosystems and is also essential fot the very survival of human race. It is important for maintaining higher levels of productivity and ecosystem health -

(i) Stability: Biodiversity is essential for stability for an ecosystem.
    communities with more species tend to be more stable than those with
    less species. It is able to resist occasional disturbance. Alien species are
    unable to find a foot-hold. Destruction of a part of ecosystem does not
    degrade it but the ecosystem is resilient and is able to restore itself after
    some time. This has been confirmed by David Tilman's long-term
    ecosystem experiments using outdoor plots
(ii) Productivity: Ecosystem with higher biodiversity (e.g., tropical forests)
     are more productive than ecosystem with lower biodiversity (e.g.,
     temperate forests). Experiments of David Tilman have confirmed
     that increased biodiversity contributes to higher productivity.

(iii) Ecosystem Health: Biodiversity is essential for maintenance and health of
      ecosystems through the occurence of various checks, controls, negative
      and positive feed-backs, critical links and keytone species. No species
      occurs in isolation. Rather all the species are inter-linked through various
      types of relationships. killing or disapperance of even a few species will
      disturb the ecosystem.

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