NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


(a) Write the two limitations of traditional breeding technique that led to promotion of micro


(b) Mention two advantages of micro propagation.

(c) Give two examples where it is commercially adopted.                     (3 marks)

(a) Two limitations of traditional breeding technique :

     (i)  Failed to keep pace with demand.

     (ii) Failed to provide fast and efficient system of crop improvement.


(b) Two advantages of micro propagation.

      (i) Through this method, a large number of plants can be developed in very short durations.

      (ii) Micropropagation leads to production of genetically similar plants, called somaclones.

     (iii) Healthy (virus free) plants can be recovered from diseased plants.


(c) Example : Tomato, banana, apple

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