NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved


(a) Differentiate between exons and introns.

(b) What is a plasmid? Why is it selected as a vector?

(a)               Exons                                                           Introns

(i) The coding sequences or expressed             (i) Non-coding sequences which do 

sequences that appear in mature or                  not appear in mature or processed 

processed RNA are called exons.                       RNA are called introns.

(ii) Exons are codons that code for ami            (ii) Introns do not code for amino 

no acid sequences.                                         acids.

(b) 1. Plasmid is a circular extra chromosonal DNA in bacteria.

2. It has the ability to replicate within bacterial cells independent of the control of

chromosonal DNA.

3. Plasmids are high in number per bacteria, if we link an alien piece of DNA with

plasmid DNA, we can multiply its number equal to the copy number of the plasmid.

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