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 Drinking water problem in our urban areas is caused mainly because we fail to 

protect our water bodies. Explain how accelerated eutrophication chokes our water

bodies to death.


Eutrophication is the natural aging of the lake by nutrient enrichment of its power. In a 

young lake the water is cold and clear, supporting little life. The lake introduces nutrients 

like nitrogen and phosphorus. When the lake's fertility increases, plant and animal life burgeons, 

and organic remains begin to deposite on the lake bottom. The lake gives way to large masses

of floating plants, (bog) finally converting land.

It gets accelerated by:

(i) Pollutants from man's  activities like effluents from the industries and homes can radically

accelerate the aging process.

(ii) Nutrients like nitrate and phosphate over stimulate the growth of algae (algal bloom)

causing scum and unpleasent odours and deterioration of the water quality and fish molarity.

(iii) Algal blooms are extremely toxic to human beings and animals. Decrease in the 

amount of nutrients and dissolved oxygen are the reasons of death of other animals 

and plants. In such fashion, a lake can literally choke to death.