NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


A sugarcane has been affected by virus. How can a virus free cane be developed from it ? Explain the procedure.     (3 marks)

Virus free plant can be developed by micropropogation or tissue culture method. Although the plant is virus infected, the meristem (apical or axillary) is free from virus. The meristem is removed from the plant and grown in vitro by micropropagation.

  (i) Meristem is taken out and grown in a test tude, under sterile conditions in special nutrient


 (ii) Nutrient medium must provide a carbon source such as sucrose and also inorganic salts,

      vitamins, amino acids and growth regulators like auxins, cytokinins etc.

(iii) Cells will divide and give clone of cells free from virus.

(iv) These clones of cells can be used to generate a whole plant. This capacity to generate a whole

      plant from any cell/explant is known as totipotency.

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