NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved


How do m-RNA, t-RNA and ribosomes help in the process of translation?

1. Function of m-RNA- It provides a template with codons for specific amino acids to be linked to form a polypeptide protein.

2. Function of t-RNA- It brings amino acids from cellular pool to the ribosomes, reads the genetic code with the help of its anticodons, initiator t-RNA is responsible for starting polypeptide formation in the ribosomes, t-RNAs are specific for each amino acid.

3.Ribosomes- It helps in protein synthesis. It has two subunits. Smaller subunit binds with the initiator codon AUG present on m-RNA to start protein synthesis. Larger subunit then binds with m-RNA to start protein synthesis. It has two sites which bring two amino acids close to each other helping them to form peptide bond. Ribosomes moves from codon to codon along m-RNA, amino acids are added one by one to form polypeptide chains or proteins.

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