NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


Enumerate any six essentials of good, effective Dairy Farm Management Practices. 

(i) Quality of breeds in the farm-selection of good breeds that have high yielding potential (under the climatic conditions of the area) combined with the resistance to disease is very important.

(ii) Cattle have to be housed well. Houses should be clean and properly ventilated and the cattle should have adequate water to drink.

(iii) The cattle should be disease free. Regular visits by a veterinary doctor should be mandatory for the good health of the cattle.

(iv) The feeding of cattle should be carried out in a scientific manner. The fodder should be rich in roughage and concentrates according to the requirement.

(v) Proper cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained during storage and transport of milk. Handler should not come in direct contact with the produce while milking.

(vi) Regular inspections of the dairy farm along with proper record keeping is also a must.

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