NEET Botany Biodiversity and Conservation Questions Solved


Many plant and animals species are on the verge of their extinction

because of loss of forset land by indiscriminate use by the humans. As a biology

student what method would you suggest along with its advantages that can

protect such threatened species from getting extinct?


As a biology student, I would suggest the following method to protect threatened

species of plants and animals from getting extinct:

Ex-situ conservation:

(i) Threatened animals and plants are taken out from their natural habitat

    and placed in special setting where they can be protected and given special

    care. Example, Zoological parks, botanical gardens and wildlife safari parks serve 

    this purpose.

(ii) Gametes of threatened species can be preserved in viable and fertile conditions

     for long periods using cryopreservation techniques.

(iii) Eggs can be fertilised in vitro, and plants can be propagated using tissue culture


(iv) Seeds of different genetic strains of commercially  important plants can be kept for long periods

      in seed banks. 


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