NEET Questions Solved


A few residents in your locality, for business gains, have established small-scale

industrial/ commercial activities such as pathological labs and fabric dyeing

centres without obtaining 'No objection certificates' from municipal authorities.

Would you support these activities? Give any three reasons in support of your answer.

No, I would not support these activities.


(i) Small scale industrial/ commercial activities are a source of particulate and gaseous

air pollutants which can cause breathing and respiratory symptoms, irritation, inflammation

and damage to the lungs and even premature death.

(ii) They discharge their waste product in water causing water pullution. The waste may

contain heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, copper, lead etc. and a variety of organic

compounds. They can undergo biological magnification in the aquatic food chain. These 

substances accumulate in the body of organisms and cannot be metabolised or excreted.

(iii) Sewage from pathological labs if added in water is a source of pathogenic microrganisms

which may cause serious diseases such as dysentry, typhoid, jaundice, cholera, etc.

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