NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved


(a) State the objective of animal breeding.

(b) List the importance and limitations of inbreeding. How can the limitations be overcome?

(c) Give an example of a new breed each of cattle and poultry.                                                 (5)  

(a) Objective of animal breeding-to increase the yield of animals and improving the desirable qualities of the produce.

(b) Importance of inbreeding:

(i) To evolve a pure line in any animal.

(ii) It also helps in accumulation of superior genes and elimination of less desirable genes.

(iii) Inbreeding exposes harmful recessive genes that are eliminated by selection.

(iv) In inbreeding, selection occurs at each step, increases the productivity of inbred population. 

Limitations of inbreeding. Continuous inbreeding usually reduces fertility and even productivity. This is called inbreeding depression. 

(c) Cattle: Jersey                                         Poultry: Leghorn                                          (5)      

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